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A Top Dermatologist and Psychiatrist on Aging Skin, Breakouts—and the Most Natural Look

av The Beauty Closet | Publicerades 1/22/2020

No matter what your age, skin type, or skin problem, you’re going to want New York dermatologist and psychiatrist Amy Wechsler’s advice. Famous for her light touch—clients walk out of her office looking brighter, smoother, and refreshed but never “done”—soothing bedside manner, and truly life-changing results, Wechsler talks about how to get (and maintain) your best skin ever. From fat-freezing tech, the latest acne treatments, and skin-tightening lasers to something called Instagram face and how feminism fits into any discussion of aging and aesthetics, Wechsler’s smart, empathetic take on it all is about as fascinating as it gets. (And after we had one look at her and heard that she has a college-age daughter, believe us, we were listening!) (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.)

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What’s the secret to the world’s glowiest skin? Why use clean, nontoxic personal-care products? (And what’s the easiest way to make the shift?) Can lasers and injectables really make a person look better? What skin-care tips and hair ideas are worthwhile? What does it mean to look and feel pretty or sexy or even beautiful? And can we—should we—try to sustain that as we get older? When it comes to beauty, there are 70 billion questions. On The Beauty Closet, the newest podcast from goop, editors Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill are going to answer as many of them as they can. They’ll have help fr​om top makeup artists, dermatologists, cleanbeauty founders, researchers, plastic surgeons, hairstylists, and of course their boss, Gwyneth Paltrow.