184// 3 Causes of Interstitial Cystitis: Estrogen Dominance, Mold Toxicity, and SIBO + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

3 common interstitial cystitis causes I see are: estrogen dominance, mold, and SIBO. Here's how to know if you have these, and EXACTLY what to do if you do.

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Natural Gut Health Strategies for Chronic Bloating & Constipation Do you want to be able to poop everyday like a normal person? Are you ready to feel confident that your body will feel and LOOK consistent - every single day? Are you ready to know EXACTLY what to do to feel better naturally, without having to rely on medication? Do you want to save time and money with natural constipation and bloat relief remedies that you know WORK before you even try them? In this podcast, you will find gut health solutions to set you free from constipation and bloating, anxiety about leaving home, and wasted time, energy, and money. My mission is to equip you to feel confident and comfortable in your body through all natural gut health remedies, simple belly massage and exercises, and health investment advice - that works! If you’re ready to say YES to feeling better, being comfortable in your own skin, and free from second-guessing about every food you eat - then you’re in the right place! Hey, I’m Allison. Mom, wife, Functional Health Practitioner, and lover of Jesus. For 2 years, I tried to fix my chronic constipation and IBS through the low FODMAP diet and doctor visits. I thought the only way I could fix my gut was through food, probiotics, and a restricted lifestyle. I finally realized that there is more to constipation and bloating than just food restrictions and doctor visits. I discovered a 3-step process that not only addressed MY chronic constipation and bloating but also worked for my clients, too. Now - I’m ready to share it with you! If you are ready to find all natural remedies to constipation and bloating that continue to work after you’ve done them - then this podcast is for you! Put on your comfiest clothes and grab your fake coffee or cup of tea. It’s time to fix your gut! JOIN --> https://betterbellytherapies.com/facebook FOLLOW --> https://instagram.com/betterbellytherapies HEAL --> https://betterbellytherapies.com/blueprint