S2 - 11: Decoding Body Language with Linda Clemons

Today I'm talking to body language expert, Linda Clemons and we're going to get into those parts of communication that are non-verbal - all those times we need to draw on our intuition to help us decode what people actually mean. Maybe you'd like to know how to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth. Or maybe you'd like to consciously use your own body language to build more trust in your relationship, or show up more confidently at work so you get noticed for that big promotion. These are just some examples of how we can use body language to give us the edge when it comes to communicating.  Enjoy the show, and get all the resources and links mentioned in today's episode on the show notes page: https://thebettyrocker.com/s2-11-decoding-body-language-with-linda-clemons/   Today's show is brought to you by: ⭐️ I ❤️ VANILLA PROTEIN from Whole Betty by Betty Rocker Try my 100% organic, whole food blend of 4 plant protein sources that delivers 20 grams of protein to your body in a tasty vanilla shake to support your active life! CLICK HERE TO SHOP VANILLA PROTEIN!   ⭐️ROCK YOUR LIFE  Betty Rocker’s online home workout studio and women’s fitness community. Get a 30 day trial and enjoy workout challenges, healthy recipes, coaching, support and an uplifting women’s community! CLICK HERE to learn more about Rock Your Life!

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