S2 - 2: Testing and Treating Mold with Dr. Jill Carnahan

Today I'm talking to Dr. Jill Carnahan, a functional medicine practitioner who has been treating me for mold exposure and the cascading symptoms that came alongside that - including weight gain, low energy, hormone disruption and more.  Mold can disrupt our body’s natural detox pathways and places a heavier burden on our overall immune capacity. We discuss my personal experience with it, along with my symptoms, tests she ran, my specific treatment protocol, as well as an overview of what she sees in her practice so you can hear about this from someone who regularly treats this type of concern. Enjoy the show, and get all the resources and links mentioned in today's episode on the show notes page: https://thebettyrocker.com/s2-2-testing-treating-mold-dr-jill-carnahan/    Today's show is brought to you by: ⭐️Full Body COLLAGEN PEPTIDES from Whole Betty by Betty Rocker:  30 servings of Collagen Peptides for daily bone, joint and skin support. Easily dissolvable and flavorless powder is perfect for adding to hot or cold drinks, smoothies, sauces or any of your favorite recipes. Free recipe guide with your first order. From Whole Betty by Betty Rocker.   ⭐️SERENICALM from Whole Betty by Betty Rocker:  An all-natural, non-habit forming stress relief supplement to bring more serenity and calm to your body and mind from Whole Betty by Betty Rocker.

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