BTG 003: Working from Home - How to Stay Focused, Be Productive, and Practice More

Ep 3: In this episode we discuss how to stay focused and be productive when working from home, while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. I share my techniques for "creating inspiration" so I can meet deadlines for musical projects without having to wait for inspiration to strike. We also discuss how you can get in more practice (and more effective practice!) using the 20-second rule and the pomodoro technique.

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Under the name "Beyond The Guitar," Nathan Mills creates unique classical guitar covers of your favorite movie, TV, and video game soundtracks. On the Beyond The Guitar Podcast, Nathan and co-host Jeremiah Dias dive deep into all things "Beyond The Guitar"; sharing insights on making classical and fingerstyle guitar arrangements, pursuing a career in music in the digital age, guitar technique and practice tips, music in pop culture, composition, and beyond...