#22: Bible Education (Unmuted): An Interview with Ernesto Duke and Joshua Walker

In this episode, I interview two of my Eternity Bible College colleagues, Ernesto Duke (President) and Joshua Walker (Vice President/Academic Dean). We talk about a range of things: from the rising cost of biblical education to curriculum to the virtues of thinking deeply and critical about our theological assumptions. In this honest and transparent conversation, we talk about the history, heart, and aims of Eternity Bible College. At the heart of our mission is to provide quality education in a way that is accessible (geographically/financially) to students all across the world. To learn more about Eternity, visit www.eternity.edu + + + Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and share it with others! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheBibleUnmuted www.matthewhalsted.com

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In this podcast, author and professor Matthew Halsted helps listeners understand the Bible in light of its ancient cultural and literary context. These episodes dig deep into the world of Scripture, theology, interpretation, and religion. But don't worry: it's not all cerebral. Each episode comes with practical insights to help listeners walk away with something meaningful and applicable from a Christian worldview. Some episodes are standalone, while others are part of a longer series. Many episodes feature guests (e.g., authors and speakers) who offer their insights into a particular topic.