#23: Reflections on Table, Time, and Church

In this episode, Matthew talks about the benefits of taking weekly communion and following the Christian calendar. He reminds us that Christianity is a communal faith -- one that promotes unity with Christ and each other. There are no "lone ranger" Christians, and rugged individualism is not part of our ancient faith. As a church, therefore, we are called to the communion table, and we are summoned to fix our time and attention around the rhythms of the biblical story -- the center of which is Jesus the Messiah. + + + Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and share it with others! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheBibleUnmuted www.matthewhalsted.com

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In this podcast, author and professor Matthew Halsted helps listeners understand the Bible in light of its ancient cultural and literary context. These episodes dig deep into the world of Scripture, theology, interpretation, and religion. But don't worry: it's not all cerebral. Each episode comes with practical insights to help listeners walk away with something meaningful and applicable from a Christian worldview. Some episodes are standalone, while others are part of a longer series. Many episodes feature guests (e.g., authors and speakers) who offer their insights into a particular topic.