#35: Romans, Part 16 (Romans 9:14-33)

In Romans 9:14-33, Paul talks about God's right to show mercy in the way he wants, with the same being said about divine hardening. To illustrate this, the apostle brings to the fore the story of Pharaoh, who God hardened. Matt connects this story, and the concept of hardening, back to Romans 1, which arguably sheds some light on how to understand what Paul means by "hardening." Matt also explains the metaphor of God as "the potter," who, according to Paul, fashions some for destruction and others for glory. Does this mean that salvation (and damnation) is not ultimately up to the individual? How does this relate to the question of human free will? Moreover, how does all this talk of "election" relate to the question of God's righteousness and the covenant--not least with respect to the Jews and Gentiles? Listen to find out! + + + Don't forget to subscribe to The Bible (Unmuted)! Patreon: ⁠https://www.patreon.com/TheBibleUnmuted⁠ ⁠www.matthewhalsted.com⁠

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