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Episode 39: Catherine McEvoy (Flute)

av The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast | Publicerades 3/2/2020

On Growing up in Birmingham, on the Sligo-Roscommon style, on slowing down Seamus Tansey records, on the Birmingham Ceili Band and Táin Ceili Band, on Peig McGrath, on women in traditional Irish music, on piano accompaniment and on Michael Grinter and Rudall and Rose flutes.

In this episode Catherine plays:

East of Glendart / The Green Fields of Woodford
The Boys Of The Lough / The Devils of Dublin
Grace's Hornpipe (Original)
The Lad from Mt Kisco /  Dominic's Farewell to Cashel 
Bánchnoic Éireann Ó

Thanks you so much Catherine for your time and your tunes.

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Also thank you to Boxwood Australia 2020 for bringing Catherine to Australia. You can find out more about Boxwood Australia here: Boxwood Australia was made possible with support from Culture Ireland, promoting Irish arts worldwide.

Darren & Dom

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The Blarney Pilgrims Irish Music Podcast is a weekly journey to the heart of Irish music. We interview players of Irish music about how they first came to the music and the place it occupies in their lives now. We use the word ‘heart’ intentionally, because heart is what this music, and the people who play it, are all about. It’s a funny, warm and often unexpected journey – and the tunes are crackin' too. Dominic Black has made radio shows for the BBC and NPR stations in the USA. He's also an oral history producer, essayist and editor. Dominic owns five different tin whistles, all in the key of 'D.' Darren O'Mahony is an advertising creative director. He's currently learning the Irish fiddle, but really he wants to get a set of uilleann pipes.