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The Bloglancer Podcast: Make your first £100 from affiliate marketing

av The Bloglancer | Publicerades 5/10/2021

In this episode, I chat to affiliate marketing guru Neesha Rees who makes thousands of pounds per month from affiliate marketing. She shared her strategies and tips for getting started and how to make your first £100. You can follow Neesha on Instagram @neesharees. Her affiliate marketing ebook can be purchased here: use THEBLOGLANCER for 30% off (affiliate code).  As always, you can find me on or Instagram @jennafarmeruk

Om Podcasten

The Bloglancer Podcast is a podcast specifically for U.K. content creators. It’s designed to help you create content that you love and to make a living from it along the way. Each week, I’ll share my own tips for growing and monetising your following and speak to fellow bloggers who will share their own journey. If you feel a bit directionless with your blog or social media and find lots of advice, which focuses on getting millions of followers or earning millions of pounds, alienating, this no-nonsense guide is for you.