The Bluprint Podcast - Episode 18 - The Season Finale

In this episode Ray and Mivisuals wrap the season up, share their overall thoughts about the season and also highlight their favourite guests and episodes. The Bluprint Podcast is an extension of the YouTube channel, where we discuss productivity, creativity and business/entrepreneurship in long format. Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Podcasts - Anchor - Youtube - Follow us on social media: Follow MI Visuals: Follow Raymond Roots: --- Send in a voice message:

Om Podcasten

Welcome to The Bluprint Pod, a Podcast which is part of The Bluprint Youtube Channel, created for Creatives by Creatives. In this Podcast, we plan to bring you our thoughts and insights around our journeys as creatives in this ever changing world. We aim to share our experiences and knowledge whilst also bringing on guests onto the platform to share their knowledge and expertise. Please let us know your thoughts and any questions you have by sending them into Find us on Youtube by searching The Bluprint