Ep. 28: International Day of the Midwife

We are marking International Day of the Midwife and our special guest for this episode of the boobingit podcast is midwife, mama and campaigner Charlotte Gill. Charlotte has been a midwife for over 10 years, and after working in an NHS hospital in England she recently left and is now a fertility midwife with a private practice. She is a proud mama of one little girl and you’ll regularly find Charlotte on social media advocating for mental health and IVF. In this episode, Charlotte tells us about what her own experience of being a midwife has been like over the years and how her role has dramatically changed in ten years. She talks in detail about the challenges faced by midwives and why crucial issues like underfunding and working conditions need to be improved in maternity services. Charlotte’s passion for the work she does comes across, especially when talking about helping new mothers get to grips with breastfeeding – and how she is incredibly fulfilled in her new role at a fertility clinic, helping people realise their dream of becoming parents. Charlotte also opens up about her own difficult journey to motherhood and how it impacted upon her mental health, leading to postnatal depression and a stay in a mother and baby unit during the height of the pandemic.

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