Ep. 35: Allergies and Reflux with Stacey Zimmels from Feed Eat Speak

Stacey Zimmels from Feed Eat Speak is our special guest on the boobingit podcast this week. Stacey is an IBCLC lactation consultant and qualified feeding & speech therapist as well as a mama of two. Stacey has built a lively and engaged social media community over the years and through that has helped thousands of families feel supported during their breastfeeding and infant feeding journey – whatever that may look like. Stacey gives give us an insight into the work she does and why she’s passionate about sharing her own breastfeeding experiences in an effort to normalise the difficulties that can come from breastfeeding. Stacey talks at length about two of her specialist areas – that of allergies and reflux in breastfed babies. She shares the complexities that surround allergies – particularly cows milk protein allergy – and the first steps you can take to get help. In terms, of reflux, Stacey outline the two main types of reflux that a baby can experience, with practical tips and information parents can try to help alleviate the discomfort and symptoms their baby is experiencing. Our podcast sponsors – Bon + Bear Bon + Bear is an online store and support network aimed at helping new Mamas secure the very best experience of early motherhood, no matter the journey.  As a brand they offer style-led newborn and parenting essentials, including beautiful baby wraps, breastfeeding covers and baby gifts. Founded by mama of two MJ Barton, Bon + Bear’s vision is to ensure Mamas feels empowered, happy and confident during the fourth trimester. Fuelled by MJ’s own experience, the company was set-up with the aim of helping just one Mama who might have also encountered similar challenges regarding feeding, reflux and confidence. Central to Bon + Bear’s offering is its ‘Modern Essentials’ product collection, which features its award-winning Baby Wrap and Nursing Cover. These, like all the products in the range, were conceived and designed by MJ with the aim of making a Mama’s journey into motherhood stylish, practical and fuss-free. You can find out more about Bon + Bear and shop their beautiful range of products on bonandbear.com. You can also follow Bon + Bear on Instagram.

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