Ep.36: All things Mastitis with Olivia Hinge IBCLC

Our special guest on this episode of the boobingit podcast is Olivia Hinge IBCLC. Olivia is a midwife and lactation consultant from London who has built a lively and engaged social media community in the past few years. Olivia has helped thousands of families feel supported during their breastfeeding and infant feeding journey - whatever that may look like. Our focus in this episode is mastitis - which is a painful infection you can get when breastfeeding. We look at how it can happen, the signs and symptoms of it as well as the latest treatment recommendations from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM). Helpfully, Olivia explains why some of us may be more inclined to get mastitis than others, and also why mastitis can be more prevalent during Christmas time. She discusses ways in which we can help prevent mastitis as well as the early measures we can take if we suspect mastitis is taking hold. Finally, Olivia explains what the new ABM protocol on mastitis is and how the new recommendations for treatment are in stark contrast to the advice that went before. Our podcast sponsors - The Bshirt Sustainable breastfeeding clothing brand The Bshirt helps breastfeeding mamas dress with style and comfort. Founded in 2017 by two mothers, The Bshirt is a brand on a mission to help new mothers breastfeed in public with confidence whilst also addressing clothing waste. The Bshirt clothing range includes nursing tops and dresses as well as maternity wear and baby clothing. Loved by mamas around the world, The Bshirt also offer customers the chance to buy pre-loved versions of their clothing as well as rent clothing – further adding to their sustainable credentials. You can find out more about The Bshirt and shop their range via their website thebshirt.clothing. Use our exclusive discount code ‘BSHIRTOFFER15’ to get 15% off at the checkout.

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