The Botanical Mind

A New Model of Intelligent Life

av The Botanical Mind | Publicerades 5/18/2020

Leading scientist of plant cognition, Monica Gagliano (Australia), presents a new understanding of the vegetal world. She argues that, in order to understand plant sentience we need to radically rethink our definitions of intelligence and consciousness to move away from a human-centric model.

Through a survey of plant capabilities from sight, smell and touch to communication, the podcast will challenge our notion of intelligence, presenting a vision of plant life that is more sophisticated than most imagine.

Om Podcasten

The Botanical Mind draws on some of the leading voices in the fields of science, anthropology, music, art and philosophy to discuss new ideas around plant sentience, indigenous cosmologies, Gaia alchemy and medieval European mysticism. Produced by Alannah Chance, programmed by Matt Williams and presented by Camden Art Audio.