The future of work and business!

In this episode, I start a conversation about what the future of work could look like. I present a theory of the future of work and the clash of 2 opposing ages. I also talk about how the future of organisations will go through a ‘cleansing phase’ where organisations that don’t evolve with the change of age will start to fade and a new emergent elite group of Organisations will establish themselves. Will you be in that elite group? Let’s start the conversation now!

Om Podcasten

Business Architecture is a podcast that focuses on building businesses by creating, implementing, formalising and scaling key business assets. These assets include things such as: Philosophy, Positioning, Product, Sales and Fulfilment. Without these key pieces of the puzzle in place, business owners typically experience being frantic & time poor, cashflow poor and anxious.. installing these assets provides a pathway forward so that ultimately, the business can unleash excellence and perform the way we know it truely can.