Kelly’s obsessed with the new press car she’s getting, a real Carpool mom shares her Ford 150 Lightning experience, and Emma has a delicious ditch the drive through to round out the show. → Do you drive an X3 or Atlass Cross Sport? Then it’s your time to shine! Head on over to the reviews, leave Kelly and Lizz five stars, and let them know what you love about the show! In today’s driveway dumps, Kelly and Lizz lament the decline of comfort shows and suggest giving Schitt’s Creek a chance. The gals are loving the Beckham documentary and are all about the power of a documentary to rebrand a celebrity. Lizz is loving the drama sans romance on Surviving Paradise and Kelly’s almost done reading the Four-Hour Work Week. “That goes dummy hard” is today’s millennial word meaning exemplary or high quality. This one might be good to know, but Kelly can’t imagine using it anytime soon.  Kelly’s waiting for Boden Black Friday deals and Lizz has her eye on Ruggable rugs. But…when do the good deals actually arrive? No one knows. In the meantime, Lizz is upping her silicone mold game and made a skims haul, Kelly ordered a muted camo vest and Kizik shoes for George, and both placed orders at Express.  You've probably seen caraway cookware pop up on your Instagram at some point because their kitchenware is so aesthetically pleasing. Caraway cookware has a chemical-free ceramic coating, which means you need less oil and butter to cook and it's super easy to clean. The cookware set also comes with the most fantastic organizational system made just for your cookware.  → Visit carawayhome.com/carpool to get up to 20% off your next purchase for a limited time.  Ever had a run in with an expensive subscription you thought you canceled, but kept getting charged for? With the Rocket Money app you can track all of your subscriptions and catch those unwanted subscriptions before your bank account takes a hit. Rocket Money will even help you fully deactivate your old subscriptions. If you’re lost in the abyss of subscriptions, get Rocket Money a personal finance app that monitors your spending and helps you lower your bills. → Cancel your unwanted subscriptions by going to rocketmoney.com/carpool. In industry news, Kelly has the flip side of last week’s report: the worst resale value cars. Unsurprisingly, luxury Maseratis and BMWs top the list. The 2025 Ram 1500 is reinventing the wheel with a generator for towing, and Lizz has opinions about it. A real life Carpool mom who owns a F150 Lightning writes in with her real experience and real cost numbers.  ‘Jen’ is in her single mom era and looking for a ‘hot mom’ car on today’s advice segment. Kelly recommends the Toyota Four-Runner, BMWX3, and Atlas Cross Sport.  Emma writes in with today’s ditch the drive-through, pizza casserole. Cut up a roll of pillsbury biscuits and top with a mixture of a 14 oz jar of marinara and your meat of choice. Cover with mozzarella cheese and bake at 375 for 25 to 30 minutes.  → To share your ditch the drive-through recipe with us, call (959) CAR-POOL and leave us a message! → Do you have a story to share about your little one who was gone too soon? Send Kelly and Lizz your pregnancy memories at hello@thecarmomofficial.com  → Write in your icks and ask for advice! Send Kelly and Lizz an email to get your question featured on the show at hello@thecarmomofficial.com  Follow the Carpool Podcast on IG Follow the Carpool Podcast on YouTube Follow Kelly on IG Follow Lizz on IG Visit thecarmomofficial.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Kelly Stumpe and Lizz St. John are third generation auto-industry experts and best known for reviewing cars from the millennial mom point of view on Instagram and YouTube. As a work from home mom of three, Kelly found herself craving a brain-break and some adult conversation so she convinced her sister Lizz (who is expecting her first) to create a podcast to do just that. Join Kelly and Lizz for a dose of entertaining and lighthearted conversation, games, and auto-industry news while they navigate life as business partners, best friends, and sisters. Your Mom Time Off starts ... now.