Sydney is back in town and back on the pod. What’s she buying? What’ll be her next adventure? And is she destined to be an NFL or Silicon Valley wife? → Hey Carpooler! Are you driving a Tesla Model Y? Then it’s your week to hop on over to the reviews and leave your rating for the show! Delulu is today’s millennial word of the day as in, “Staying delulu is the solulu.” Kelly and Sydney make up sayings that don’t exist — that you can use generously to confuse your friends or husband. Gems include, “If you don’t want to stub your toe, put your shoes on or don’t walk at all,” and, “Even Michael Phelps wouldn’t challenge a mermaid.”  → Write in and share your sayings that don’t exist or ask for advice! Send Kelly and Lizz an email to get your question featured on the show at  Last three transactions, where Kelly, Lizz, and Sydney reveal their bank account subtractions, gets a trendy infusion today. Sydney’s just bought her first period panties, a pair of very buckley Steven Madden moto boots, and a black silk skirt. Lizz is continuing her curly hair journey with a silk pillowcase and also picked up a pair of Express pants and a Nose Frida for the babe. Kelly splurged on a Black belt from Boden and ordered a doctor kit for Hattie. Looking for a way to preserve your family’s memories, moments, and stories? Qeepsake has got you covered. They’ll text you questions, you text them the memories you want to hold tight. Forget scrapbooking — Qeepsake makes nostalgia simple, easy, and mess-free.  → Get 20% off your Qeepsake annual subscription with the code CARPOOL at  Maddie recently decided to get YouTube TV to watch football this season. Sure, great, but Lizz is looking to cut back on subscriptions they aren’t using to pay for the new one. So, she turned to Rocket Money, a personal finance app that finds and cancels your unwanted subscriptions, monitors your spending, and helps lower your bills all in one place.  → Cancel your unused subscriptions and manage your money the easy way by going to  In industry news the Honda Prologue EV is on its way and it’s giving three across. Kelly shares the number one selling car, truck, and SUV this year. And UAW has made a counter offer to GM. Nancy, a 55 year old listener with teenagers writes in with today’s ditch the drive-through, The Italian Iowa Slinger.  Brown your ground protein of choice and then add Rao's marinara, garlic powder, onion powder, and dried Italian herbs. While that's all mingling, heat up your favorite garlic bread in the oven and then serve your sloppy slingers on sliced garlic toast.  → To share your ditch the drive-through recipe with us, call (959) CAR-POOL and leave us a message! Blake’s Besties remembers Holly’s baby Blake, Alexis’s baby Max, and Rachel’s baby Savannah. You can follow Rachel, the founder of Blake’s Besties and tap into all of the wonderful resources she’s sharing this week on Instagram. A Carpool listener also shared Priscilla’s Hope Again Collective, a mama-owned business bringing healing and celebrating life with mom’s who have lost their littles too soon.  → Do you have a story to share about your little one who was gone too soon? Send Kelly and Lizz your pregnancy memories at  Follow the Carpool Podcast on IG Follow the Carpool Podcast on YouTube Follow Kelly on IG Follow Lizz on IG Visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Kelly Stumpe and Lizz St. John are third generation auto-industry experts and best known for reviewing cars from the millennial mom point of view on Instagram and YouTube. As a work from home mom of three, Kelly found herself craving a brain-break and some adult conversation so she convinced her sister Lizz (who is expecting her first) to create a podcast to do just that. Join Kelly and Lizz for a dose of entertaining and lighthearted conversation, games, and auto-industry news while they navigate life as business partners, best friends, and sisters. Your Mom Time Off starts ... now.