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Introducing The CFO Playbook

av The CFO Playbook | Publicerades 1/27/2021

Being a great CFO in the modern, ever-evolving business ecosystem we’re living in, requires much more than excellent money management skills. It requires the ability to implement new technologies, guide business decisions, and help steer the company towards its vision for the future. To demystify how you can do that, Rob Norman, VP of Marketing at Soldo, chats with CFOs and other financial leaders from world-class companies on The CFO Playbook. Each week, you’ll hear insights that will help you grow yourself and your company as you face the challenges of being a modern CFO.

Om Podcasten

Being a good CFO isn’t just about managing money anymore. The modern CFO is being asked to implement new technology, guide product and business decisions, and look ahead to the future. But how do you stay ahead of the curve? In The CFO Playbook, you’ll learn how world-class CFO’s and finance leaders set goals, manage teams, leverage technology, plan for the future, improve systems and processes, and so much more. Each week you’ll get insights that help you grow yourself and your company. Have a specific topic you’d like us to cover? Head on over to to submit any questions you’d like our guests to answer on future episodes.