Driving Finance Innovation with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the finance industry, empowering CFOs and finance teams to drive innovation and adapt to new market conditions with speed and efficiency. But for as widely discussed and debated as AI has been recently, best practices for adoption are hard to come by.To assist those looking to jumpstart their digital transformation efforts with AI, Melissa Howatson sits down to talk with Rob Drover, VP Business Solutions at Marcum Technology, part of Marcum LLP Group. From his extensive firsthand knowledge, Rob shares how to leverage technology to streamline finance processes and boost strategic decision-making.Join Melissa and Rob as they discuss:What digital transformation really means (and what’s impeding its progress)Practical applications of AI to create more time for value-added tasksThe need for continuous improvement in addition to regular AI auditsEnsuring your AI model is approved by people who know your businessHow workers who invest in their own upskilling will stand outAdditional resources:The Definitive Guide to AI in FP&A: Benefits, Use Cases and Risks Explained: https://bit.ly/3ELJTzY

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