People Metrics That Matter

Businesses today spend an average of 52% of their budget on their workforce. Some go as high as 70%. The expense is worth it, of course, as the only way to true financial success is by having the right talent. But given this enormous cost, it’s worth asking: are the people metrics you’re tracking the ones that will make the biggest impact on your business? Or are you missing out on the full potential of your workforce?To help us understand the people metrics that matter, Melissa Howatson welcomes RJ Milnor to the show. RJ is the Founder and CEO of People Analytics Partners and was formerly the Global Head of People Analytics at Uber. Through his research and experience, RJ has uncovered some remarkable insights and truths about the way we work, how it’s evolved post-pandemic, and what the future of work looks like.Join us as we discuss:The surest indicator of high-value employeesWhat to analyze to see how your M&A integration is goingA viable replacement for productivity-killing meetingsHow to get the greatest ROI out of office spacesOne word of advice for leaders to be more effectiveAdditional resources:HR Data Visualization: 10 Insights Impacting Your Bottom Line: Planning and Forecasting: The Complete Guide: of the SEC Investor Advisory Committee’s Investor-as-Owner Subcommittee regarding Human Capital Management Disclosure: Fractional Work & Your Talent Strategy:

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