Amiti Uttarwar and the P2P network - Episode 15

Amiti returns to the Chaincode office to discuss all things p2p. We discuss: Why Amiti works on P2P (1:50) A framework for p2p design (4:25) How do we systemize Bitcoin Core knowledge? (6:20) Searchable #bitcoin-core IRC logs (8:35) Forward compatibility and upgradability (15:00) Partition resisitence (16:10) Eclipse Attacks (17:00) Altnet (20:40) Messages sent across the wire (20:55) AddrRelay and AddrMan (24:35) Bootstrapping, DNS seeds and address announcements (25:25) DoS issues (27:35) Address Manager (29:00) New table and tried table (30:00) The Bitcoin network “dance” (31:25) Transaction download on Bitcoin’s p2p network comic (32:25) Addresses and proof of work (32:45) Inbound and outbound connections (34:00) Block relay only connections and full connections (35:35) Thanks to Caralie for the sound engineering.

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