Chaincode Decoded: Bech32m - Episode 11

This revisits a segment we call Chaincode Decoded. In this episode, we'll learn how to say Bech32 and also what it and Bech32m are. Enjoy! Correction: The characters removed from the set are 1 B I O (2:20) Why do we need Bech32? (0:57) What is the distinction between Bech32 and native SegWit? (3:20) Why does Taproot need a new address format? (4:13) Bech32 length extension mutation weakness (11:20) - mailing list post Bech32m (12:25) - BIP350 Further resources: Pieter Wuille: New Address Type for SegWit Addresses (presentation) Sipa demo Bech32 adoption (Some of) the math behind Bech32 addresses Thanks to Caralie for the sound engineering.

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