Chaincode Decoded: The UTXO Set - Episode 5

This is our first Chaincode Decoded Podcast. In this new podcast format, we'll dive into the details of a concept we've talked about on previous shows. No guests, no news, just Jonas and John talking about Bitcoin. A podcast by Bitcoin nerds for Bitcoin nerds.

In the first episode, we talk about the UTXO set. We'd love to know what you think!

Ultraprune - episode 1 (1:20)

Assume UTXO - episode 4 (1:28)

The cache layer (8:02)

Dbcache parameter (9:48)

  - John talks about latency comparisons on a human scale. (Note: He incorrectly says that 1 second for RAM access equates to "months or years" for disk access. Actually 4 minutes for RAM access equates to 1-9 months for disk access.)

Different ideas on how to keep track of the UTXO set (11:29)

  - utreexo (13:48)

What’s the future of the size of the UTXO set? (13:54)

UTXO consolidation (15:02)

UTXO selection (16:48)

H/T to Amiti for the idea of the format. Thanks as always to Matthew Zipkin for the sound engineering.

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