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Bernie Sanders: The Interview

av The Choice | Publicerades 1/20/2020

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was the first candidate to visit the editorial board for an endorsement interview. He presented his vision of ambitious progress for America. The editorial board challenged him to detail how that vision would be executed, especially given his age, his lukewarm record on bipartisan achievements and the deeply polarized state of the nation. The board pressed Senator Sanders over issues from foreign policy and climate change to antitrust regulation and gun violence, and questions on health policy that went beyond his well-known Medicare for All proposal. Plus: cancel culture, the Twitter world and birthday calls. Listen to the bonus deliberation episode, also out today, to hear how the board reacted to this interview, and for a deep dive into the health care proposals on the table in the 2020 election. Find the unabridged and annotated transcript of Senator Sanders's visit to the board at Produced by At Will Media.

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