Making it as an Artist in Medellin - Lita Candela's Story (EP 57)

CAUTION - This is potentially the funniest, most dramatic, entertaining and unfiltered episode we've produced to date! We interview Carla, aka Lita Candela, a Venezuelan artist who's been living in Medellin for about 6 years now. She's also a designer, tour guide, volleyball player, quote manufacturer, cat mom, and one hell of a funny and charismatic person. In this episode Lita tells us about what brought her to Colombia and the challenges she faced and is still facing living in this city. She takes off her gloves and delivers ruthless blows to the jugular and balls when discussing dating Colombian men. She described making it as an artist in this city as being - "Hard AF". There are a few surprises, gifts, and announcements made in this episode, so listen to the episode to hear the full story.

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