#193: Side Gigs, Hobbies, and When to Quit Coaching

How do you know when you should just throw in the towel on your coaching business? It’s time we talked about it, because from coaches who’ve never sign more than a client or two in two years, to coaches who’ve made six figures, there are many coaches feeling worn or frustrated or just not feeling it, and they’re asking… how do you know when to quit? After this episode, you’re gonna make some identity shifts and revisit your Why from an entirely empowered lens. From how you view your business to how you view yourself, to exploring sunk costs, you’re gonna leave this episode with identity shifts and revisiting your Why from an entirely different lens.  And you’ll walk away feeling empowered in your decision, no matter what it is. Get the full show notes and more information here: https://www.amylatta.com/193

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