#204: Why You and No One Else

You’re about to become a magnet for your Bestest Clients. It starts with this episode, the first in a series of episodes that unlocks the step by step of how the Elevate Your Income process works. While “why you and no one else” should be simple, your mind likes to go super basic, absolutely guaranteeing you do not stick out in the crowd. So, the series of questions to consider to help you take your un-inspired, super basic idea that comes up first, and turn it into that What You Are Known For in your industry, are all right here. Make sure you download “Become a Magnet for your Bestest Clients” Get the full show notes and more information here: https://www.amylatta.com/204

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The Confident Coaches Podcast is a show for life coaches who want to build up confidence, sign more clients, and help more people. If you’re struggling to put yourself out there as a life coach, there’s nothing wrong with you - you just need to know how to tap into your courage. Each week, Certified Master Life Coach Amy Latta shares tools, ideas, and stories that will help you be a bolder, more confident coach. Find out more at amylatta.com/podcast.