6 Mistakes that are making your content feel like hard work

Great content does take time to create, yes! But if you're putting in the time but never really getting any ROI, or it just feels like hard work, when really waxing lyrical about your favourite subject (your soul work) should actually be fun, the chances are you might be making one - or even all - of these 6 common content mistakes.Listen to the Guest Expert episode here KEEP IN TOUCH!If you enjoy this podcast and want to keep in touch, sign up for my newsletter (it's where I share my best content first) HereFIND OUT MORE ABOUT MY BOOK WRITING PROGRAMGet the details about The Soul Works Atelier HERE FREEBIES & OFFERSYou can find all my latest freebies and offers here.

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On the inside, really you’re a changemaker, a trailblazer, a dreamchaser, sometimes a bit of a trouble maker - because it’s hard to shine your light, when you’re stuck inside a box. You’re a spiritually curious, creative thinker who only wants to do meaningful work that’s going to have a positive impact on the world. It’s time to find your voice and stop hiding your light.Showing up online, creating powerful content and living out your purpose as a thought leader can feel intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be scary. And you don’t have to do it alone. I’m on a mission to help you create content with a heartbeat. To find your voice so you can start consciously communicating your soul work and send it out into the world with impact. Because if you can dream it, it is meant for you. In fact, it’s already done. I’m Cate Butler Ross, and this is The Content Download.