How to grow a 7-figure business by just being you, with Leonie Dawson

Leonie Dawson will not be put in a box, which is why this best-selling author, business mentor, artist and content creator has managed to grow a 7 figure business working mainly just 10 hours a week, and her only niche is to be herself. Leonie Dawson isn't for everybody, but if a creative, whole-hearted, personal development junkie who'se all about the fun, drops the occasional f-bomb with years of wisdom about running a business online is up your street, listen to this. We talked boundaries, learning to let your guard down, marketing with social media and building a community of friends not just followers.  She also mentions her brand new marketing without social media course, so if this is exactly what you need, here's my affiliate link Story, the Complete Storytelling Course for Coaches, Creatives and Changemakers - Find out more

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On the inside, really you’re a changemaker, a trailblazer, a dreamchaser, sometimes a bit of a trouble maker - because it’s hard to shine your light, when you’re stuck inside a box. You’re a spiritually curious, creative thinker who only wants to do meaningful work that’s going to have a positive impact on the world. It’s time to find your voice and stop hiding your light.Showing up online, creating powerful content and living out your purpose as a thought leader can feel intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be scary. And you don’t have to do it alone. I’m on a mission to help you create content with a heartbeat. To find your voice so you can start consciously communicating your soul work and send it out into the world with impact. Because if you can dream it, it is meant for you. In fact, it’s already done. I’m Cate Butler Ross, and this is The Content Download.