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Find Your Identity to Find Your Purpose with Nikita Lawrence

#031 Do you understand who you truly are? For you to experience true happiness and fulfillment in life, you have to first commit to discovering yourself. On the show today, I have with me Nikita Lawrence a woman who knows exactly what it means to live out your purpose. Nikita Lawrence is a Kingdom Entrepreneur, Wife, Working Mom, Internationally Certified Executive Coach, Best-Selling Author, and Keynote Speaker. Her mission is to show leaders how to transform their mindset, get clarity, discover identity, find purpose, and create their own new pathway to success, wealth and harmony personally and professionally. She explains how she transitioned from corporate America to a coach with the purpose of helping women align with their gifts. Listen in to learn why you should commit to taking your self-discovery journey to understand who you are and show up as your best self. ***** Full Show Notes and Guest Contact Info at

Om Podcasten

Every Tuesday and Thursday episodes are released with inspiring people and motivational messages to help you live out of your amazing worth, because you are valuable and desperately needed in this world. In the aftermath of being sexually assaulted, Host and Empowerment Coach, Ashley Baxter, learned how to value herself as she fought for herself in her healing journey. She learned the value of loving yourself and having the confidence to show up in the world as your true self. The Courageous Worth Podcast is here to help you do the same. Hit subscribe, and get ready to live with courageous worth. *This podcast is not a medical treatment and should not be seen as a substitute for therapy or medication.*