Interview about covert narcissism

Victims of covert narcissism have so many questions running through their mind. While I do get asked many questions, some questions show up in almost every conversation. How did you realize you were with a covert narcissist? What is a covert narcissist? What does a relationship with a covert narcissist look like? What do I do now? Where can I find help? I was recently interviewed regarding covert narcissism. In this interview, I answer these questions and more. Here are clips from that interview. I think you will find it helpful for your own journey of healing! I have an upcoming group coaching session for victims just like you to find healing and support! Email me to learn more at --- Support this podcast:

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Covert narcissistic abuse crushes one's soul. This podcast is devoted to understanding covert narcissistic abuse, its effect on the victims, and how to heal. Support this podcast: