EP 186: The Heartbeat of Change. Revolutionizing Probation with Nervous Sysem Awarness. Our conversation with Ireland's Jane Mulcahy!!

In this special American Probation and Parole (APPPA) edition, brought to you by their International Relations Committee, we delve into a transformative conversation with Jane Mulcahy, a dedicated Research Fellow from the University of Limerick!  Jane brings us her groundbreaking 3-part series that could redefine the essence of probation practice globally.    This episode explores the intricate link between the nervous system and behavioral responses, shedding light on how probation officers can leverage this understanding to enhance their practices. Jane's first article lays the groundwork for recognizing the impact of physiological responses in rehabilitation. We then navigate through her second piece, which champions the power of nervous system awareness as a tool for profound rehabilitation strategies. Lastly, we discuss the heart of the matter in her third article, advocating for a more compassionate approach to supervision...all of which align with the TIDES (Trauma Informed Desistance) program model, and our belief that the probation system isn't just about oversight, but also about empowerment and healing.  Join us for an enlightening journey into the heart of probation innovation, where science meets empathy, and discover how these insights can lead to a more effective and humane approach to probation and parole.                 Part One: The Importance of nervous system awareness when working with people on probation. Part Two: Beyond rehabilitation: The Power of Nervous System Awareness in Probation Part Three: Why a heart-centered approach to Probation Practice is smart. The Paragon Group

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Host Joseph Arvidson brings criminologist, practitioners, academics and those with lived experiences from around the world together to discuss the age old dilemma of responding to society's criminal element. Merging established correctional policy with emerging desistance models, this show illustrates how adopting a holistic lens and constantly questioning established approaches can best serves justice involved individuals.