EP 201: Stian Estenstad, Championing Prison Reform and Reintegration

Join us on The Criminologist podcast for an enlightening conversation with Stian Estenstad, a visionary leader in the filed of prisoner integration. Stian's diverse background has lead him to a career dedicated to transforming the criminal justice landscape. In this episode,we delve into Stian's remakable journey, from being a prison officer in Oslo, to spearheading innovative projects like the "Tiltak ovenfor Gjengangere" initiative and the "Nettverk etter soning" (NES) program, both providing crucial support for individuals transitioning from incarceration to society.  Tune it to gain valuable insights into the future of reintegration efforts and the transformative power of dedicated individuals like Stian Estanstad!!   The Criminologist You Tube channel The Paragon Group       

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Host Joseph Arvidson brings criminologist, practitioners, academics and those with lived experiences from around the world together to discuss the age old dilemma of responding to society's criminal element. Merging established correctional policy with emerging desistance models, this show illustrates how adopting a holistic lens and constantly questioning established approaches can best serves justice involved individuals.