Tisdagar The Crosstown Mix Show

010. Nathan Fake

av The Crosstown Mix Show | Publicerades 10/20/2020

Robert Aiki, Aubrey Lowe - Gravitational PullTheo Parrish - Untitled 08Hieroglyphic Being - Rising Above The UniverseBalil - Norte RouteAphex Twin - saw2 cd1 trk2 originalActress - 88System 7 - Planet 7 (James Holden Remix)NF - jomox + sh09Legowelt - Shadows in the Street LifeAndy Garvey - ProtovisionLouis Digital - Dancefloor MicrophysicsPlaid - ColdClaro Intelecto - PopulateAnz - Gary MissionNathan Fake - Vectra (Live Version)Britney Spears - Breathe (James Holden Remix Dub)Damian Lazarus - Into The Sun (Nathan Fake Remix)Christian Loffler - Roth (Nathan Fake Remix)Nathan Fake - Cry Me A Blizzard (Live Version)

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Bi-weekly mix series from Crosstown Rebels and Rebellion. Each episode will feature a different member of the label roster taking us on a mind bending journey of upfront, fresh, exclusive music.