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Cristina Fonseca, Co-Founder of Talkdesk - How Machine Learning Can Empower Customer Success Managers

av The Customer Success Channel | Publicerades 6/26/2018

There’s a new buzz word (or phrase really) humming in everyone’s ears...machine learning. We’ve all heard about it or read some articles on what machine learning is trying to accomplish and how it will start to replace the work of humans, as well as how it can help us work smarter and better. And this can cause some worry or confusion for those of us who work in the SaaS industry. What is machine learning capable of today and what do we hope to be able to accomplish with it in the future? What will it’s role be in our day to day work lives...and regular lives, for that matter?I wanted to learn more about machine learning and AI, and some of the implications it has for SaaS companies, customer success, service, and support roles today and what could be to come in the near future. So I reached out to Cristina Fonseca is the co-founder of Talkdesk, technology entrepreneur, engineer, and machine learning and AI enthusiast. She’s currently left the day-to-day operations of Talkdesk to study machine learning and AI and how it will impact businesses. She has a fantastic way of explaining what machine learning is, and how it can be used to empower and not replace humans. And how in customer success, service and support roles the human will never be able to be replaced, but can be assisted by machines and AI to do their jobs better.

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