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Zachary Schulte, from MeetEdgar - Customer Experience & Usability; Essential components of customer success

av The Customer Success Channel | Publicerades 7/10/2018

Customer experience and usability is an essential part of customer success. You first need to make sure that you have a product that is built and working in a way that is for the customer, and is constantly considering how the customer is going to be using it to gain value. If your product loses sight of this, it’s likely it will flop. I spoke with Zachary Schulte, a member of the Customer Experience team at MeetEdgar, and we talked about how his team, the Customer Experience team, is the voice of the customer and working to ensure the product never loses the perspective of their users. We also spoke about ways to advocate for the customer when there can sometimes be resistance from product team, and how to balance deciding what’s best for the product and what the customer wants.

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