Episode 312: Apple Watch, iMac, Security scams

This week, Dave and I talk about a possible refresh to the Apple Watch in 2024 or 2025 to celebrate the devices 10th anniversary. We also look at the impact the iMac had on Apple and how it helped save the company when it was released. Scams are all over these days and you have to be very careful—we look at a device that's purpose is to trick you into giving up your password. Brought to you by: Factor: Factor now offers 34 meals per week and 45+ add-on options including Protein Plus, Keto, Calorie Smart, Vegan + Veggie. Get 50% off using code dalrymple50 when you visit Factor today! Show Notes: Usonian Village Remember battery gate? Apple Plans Major ‘Watch X’ Overhaul for Device’s 10-Year Anniversary How the iMac saved Apple This $70 device can spoof an Apple device and trick you into sharing your password Shows and movies we’re watching 1923, Paramount+ The Bear, Season 2, Hulu

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