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Greg Everett – Forging Toughness

av The Darren Woodson Show | Publicerades 5/16/2021

Greg is the founder of the Catalyst Athletics, the world’s leading resource for all things Olympic Weightlifting. He is also the author of “Tough”, which teaches about building true mental, physical, and emotional toughness for success and fulfillment. 

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If you have ever sat around a campfire with your buddies or went out for drinks with the girls, you know the conversations you had in these settings were different. You weren’t distracted by your phone, work deadlines, or screaming kids. It was just you and your friends talking about life in a transparent, unfiltered way. The mission of this podcast is to replicate these conversations in an effort to give hope, encouragement, and build community with those who seek to maximize their one shot at life. Join us as we share stories from those who have tasted “success”, discuss personal struggles and experiences, and achieve new perspective with the goal of giving you a break from the bullsh*t of life.