Raamayan - Why Should Creators Care About Web 3.0?

What is the deal with Web 3.0?   If you are asking that question, you’re definitely not alone. As cryptocurrencies and NFT’s become more and more of a popular topic of conversation, many are being left with more questions than answers. For some, this has them leaning into a new learning curve and dedicating themselves to understanding this new technology and what benefits it might have for them. For others, it can be a little daunting and can often turn off any desire to learn before it starts.    This week, I brought on my good friend Ramaayan who is a modern day wizard, a scholar and entrepreneur, and one who is incredibly studied in the world of decentralization and Web 3. We discuss what this new world of technology looks like for all creators, especially artists, and why all of us should care a little more about Web 3.0 and the potentials it carries with it.    Can I text you? For personal thoughts, updates, motivations, and more, texted directly to your phone from me to you, click here https://my.community.com/adamroa or send a message to (+1)323-508-2331

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