The Defending Magic Podcast: Progressing in Security & Understanding Loss Mitigation in Hospitality

This week is a solo episode, I discuss some of my thoughts and plans on progressing and developing as a professional then chat about some of the complicating factors of tackling losses in entertainment and hospitality. For more about our awesome travel partner, please visit The Defending Magic Podcast is part of the Hook CMEC Network of Content, you can check out more about Hook at or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram (Hook Media Network on IG) and the podcast's Instagram page itself (@defendingmagic).

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The Defending Magic Podcast discusses the professions of safety and security, particularly within the hospitality, entertainment and media industries. The show is part of the Hook CMEC Network of Content, you can find out more about Hook at and make sure to follow us at Hook CMEC/Hook Media Network on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. You can check out this podcast on Instagram: @defendingmagic