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Going Into Partnerships With Influencers

This week, Brad talks about the recent surge in dental business owners being approached by influencers, who hope to cross-promote practice owner’s work in exchange for publicity. Brad discusses the things you need to consider, and how best to use these approaches to your advantage.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Always endeavour to become the influencer if you can. Building a social media following is tough, but by controlling your own public image, you retain the authority over how your public image is used. Remember that these are business transactions. Influencers should be allowing you to understand their analytics, and whether or not their audience is right for you. Consider the locality of the influencer’s reach and how it will benefit you. If your influencer’s audience is global but not local, then it may not be beneficial to your practice.   BEST MOMENTS   ‘A personal brand these days goes further than a corporate brand’ ‘People buy into people’ ‘It’s far better if the influencer approaches you. The dynamic is far better'   VALUABLE RESOURCES The Dental Business Podcast  ABOUT THEHOST Brad believes that everyone at any level should be focused on achieving multiple sources of income to create diversity and balance in life. He feels passionate about helping dentists work towards freedom by building wealth in different areas and helping to develop a mindset to improve one’s ability to handle the stresses of clinical life.    Still a practising dentist, Brad has implemented strategies to create a practice to allow him to carry out the dentistry he wants whilst continually expanding with loyal staff and patients. These strategies can be adapted to any dentist, whether you are an associate or the practice owner, to help bring back your passion for dentistry.   In addition to running a successful private dental practice, he has grown several other dental businesses and as an investor is growing wealth outside of dentistry to help protect his legacy for his growing family.   He is chair of the Horsforth Town Team, dedicated to the promotion and development of business in his local area in North Leeds, UK.   Due to his track record and down to earth advice, he has become sought after as a mentor and spends part of his time dedicated to mentoring dental professionals about business, mindset and personal development.   CONTACT METHOD Brad Thornton Instagram Brad Thornton LinkedIn Brad Thornton Facebook                 See for privacy information.

Om Podcasten

The Dental Business Podcast hosted by dental entrepreneur, investor and mentor, Brad Thornton, offers a mix of practical advice as well as  personal development and mindset to help dental professionals in and out of the dental practice. The podcast will cover all aspects of dental business from marketing,  brand development to practice purchase and associate contracts, and will also include strategies for personal development and wealth creation. Brad will share his stories and also interview those who have excelled and pushed ahead to find the golden nuggets of advice from guests who have well and truly made it. Brad believes that everyone should be aiming for multiple sources of  income and be building wealth outside of dentistry, planning for freedom  where we are less reliant on clinical practice. That being said, Brad is  a practice owner and still a busy practicing dentist. His common sense approach and logical advice comes from over a decade starting and scaling various businesses in the dental field generating millions of pounds of revenue per year. The show will benefit anyone wanting to improve their practice, their  working life and their mindset. A podcast for those who want to develop  themselves and push for success in all aspects of their life.