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Director Mark Jacobs on The DFD Podcast

av Sunset Sound Roundtable | Publicerades 7/14/2020

Below the notes is time sequences for segments. Mark Jacobs is a Director, a Cinematographer and a Journalist, but he’s much much more. He’s a beautiful person who has led a fascinating life, to which I myself use as a motto of motivation, to work with honesty, integrity and knowledge. He’s done it all in his profession and off camera is where the real story of intrigue lies. Starting in the Mob Infested Las Vegas of the 70’s in the Howard Hughes owned news rooms of KLAS in his early teens, he soon rose to the knowledge and experimentation to quickly land him in more senior positions before he had reached 20 years of age! Truly shooting "Reality" before it was the term we associate it with today. Having a father that was worked with the mob and just so happened to also be casino gangster, Lefty Rosenthal’s right hand man. And with his mother being the top show girl of Vegas at the time, his life is a truly a movie that just hasn't been shot yet. The 90’s led Mark to newsrooms in San Diego and on to Hollywood to direct television for some of the biggest shows in history. The coolest thing about this interview is that Mark has never gave an on camera bio interview like this before, and he gave it to ME! All Access! Me! A 2nd yr film student who he only met once before at Rob Dyrdeks house while he was directing Season 1 of the MTV mega hit Rob and Big. At that time little did I know that Mark was working on his masterpiece, a documentary about quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer, entitled "Jesses Story", which for me is one of the most motivating beautiful documentaries, that shows the true test of the human spirit to be able to rise above the one of the greatest tragedies and adversities ever. This interview has everything for any viewer or listener. Thanks to Mark for being so open and entertaining. 00:00 - Growing up in Las Vegas around the mob and working in Howard Hughes KLAS studios at the age of 15. 12:00 Journalism gave me the start and paying it forward 23:37 - Discussing current well done docs, The Last Dance and Tiger King, ESPN and Michael Jordan 33:40 Working with producer Rick Kirkham (Inside Edition, Tiger King, TV junkie) 39:28 Reality Vs. Features and the current doc programming 42:10 Directing Breaking Bonaduce 57:00 Directing Rob and Big 1:05:20 Meeting Jesse Billauer and Making Marks Documentary Jesses Story.

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