Sunset Sound Roundtable

Dweezil Zappa part 2

av Sunset Sound Roundtable | Publicerades 12/23/2020

Part 1 with Guitar legend, EVH friend, Frank Zappa son and Reward Music Founder Dweezil Zappa who sits down in Studio 2 at Sunset Sound where Van Halen tracked and mixed the first 5 albums. DZ discusses first jamming/meeting with EVH at age 12 at the Zappa compound with Donn Landee tracking. That encounter turned into a 40 year friendship. We discuss Fair Warning being his favorite album as well some unknown writing methods for that album. Dweezil also discusses Frank Zappa's Hot Rats album (which was tracked in 69' at Sunset Sound), his fathers music and what he was like at home. Lastly DZ educates us on his groundbreaking new platform Reward Music which is the wave of the future for Artists to interact with their fans. This is part 1 of a 2 part episode. Part 2 Coming Tmrw 12/20 6:30am PST Thank you DZ Dweezil Zappa: Reward Music: Host/editor: Drew Dempsey

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Interview series that dives deep in the personal lives of some of today’s most prolific artists. Filmed and recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA