Sunset Sound Roundtable

Van Halen Never Before Heard Outtakes/Alternate Endings & The Room Mics For "Eruption"

av Sunset Sound Roundtable | Publicerades 11/16/2020

Ep. 2 with Brian Kehew takes us in the control room of studio 2 at Sunset Sound to listen to some cool outtakes and alternate endings as well as what the room mics picked up during the tracking of "Eruption" in studio 1. Due to copyright issues our conversation picks up in ep. 2.5 available now. Van Halen November is a quest to bring some information to light and a discussion from the studio where so much VH work was done. MAKE SURE & SUBSCRIBE & TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS BECAUSE WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED! Also when you’re done here go to the link below for the final wrap up episode: 2.5 Brian Kehew: Host: Drew Dempsey: Owner: Paul Camarata Sunset Sound Senior Engineer Geoff Neal: Filmed by Abel Padilla Mario Nakasone Filmed at Sunset Sound Recorders Studio 2 Instagram:  Facebook: @sunsetsoundrecorders Website: Merchandise: https://sunset-sound-merchandise.mysh...

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