Sunset Sound Roundtable

Van Halen was signed at The Starwood by Ted Templeman, Doug Messenger claims to have made the call.

av Sunset Sound Roundtable | Publicerades 11/16/2020

Producer and Van Morrison guitarist Doug Messenger has had a life in music which included Van Halen and being friends with Ed. He sits down in Studio 2 at Sunset Sound to discuss his life and also the calls he made to the Warner Brothers office in 1977 urging them to check out this Guitar Hero named Eddie Van Halen. He was at The Starwood the night the famous napkin contract took place and has 100 more stories. Enjoy and Subscribe. 00:00 Bio and playing guitar fro Van Morrison and meeting Ted Templeman 19:00. Van Halen talk starts   Host: Drew Dempsey: Sunset Sound Senior Engineer Geoff Neal: Filmed at Sunset Sound Recorders Studio 2 Instagram: Facebook: @sunsetsoundrecorders Website: Merchandise: https://sunset-sound-merchandise.mysh...

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Interview series that dives deep in the personal lives of some of today’s most prolific artists. Filmed and recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA