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What is achievement?

What is achievement? And what can we ask for to help us get there fast? In this first episode of The Dia Bondi Show Laura and Dia gig it up about achievements, goals, how we sometimes hate them. And Dia coughs up her secret super-fandom. Join us for some rapid-fire set up for what's to come in The Dia Bondi Show where we are helping women ask for more and get it.

Om Podcasten

The Dia Bondi show- a BIG podcast for women with goals is built to help you ask for more and get it, resource your dreams, and have a blast doing it. Part call-in show and part expert perspectives, we’re bringing you advice, strategies, and courage-making insights that put you in command of your very next move. If you’ve got a goal, we want to help you get there, fast. You can call the show with your question at 341-333-2997 and we may answer it on the show, coaching style! As a long-time leadership communications coach for leaders, founders, and changemakers in tech, social impact, and global sport, Dia knows that the way you take command when stakes are high is by leading with who you truly are. In 2019 Dia launched Project Ask Like an Auctioneer now she’s on a mission to put more money and decision-making power in the hands of women so we can change everything for all of us.