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The Black Dyspraxic

av The Different Minds podcast series | Publicerades 11/6/2020

Broadcaster John Offord chats to Neurodiversity advocate, Tumi Sotire, aka "The Black Dyspraxic" about his experiences and thoughts on the intersection of race and disability. Tumi says “Living with the intersectionality of being a black man with dyspraxia presents the challenge of disentangling whether social barriers presented are due to race or neurodivergence. Companies that are inclusive on the grounds of ethnic diversity are not necessarily organizations with neurodivergent staff.” --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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Broadcaster, John Offord chats to people from all walks of life about the different ways our brain can work and interpret information. Neurodiversity highlights that people naturally think about things differently. We have different interests and motivations, and are naturally better at some things and poorer at others. Through diverse interviews and examples, The Different Minds explores this – with fascinating results… This podcast is sponsored by Aspire Autism Consultancy. For further details, see Produced by Support this podcast: