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Ever found yourself repeating the same instructions to different team members? Maybe you're struggling to remember how to complete a task two months after you last worked on it.  On today's episode, host Mark de Grasse sits down with Trend Dyrsmid, a process automation expert and Founder of Flowster. They discuss the benefits of documenting processes and creating Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs). SOPs may sound boring and even bureaucratic, but there's nothing quite as frustrating as explaining the same task repeatedly to different team members. The great thing about processes is that you can create one for pretty much anything. Tune in to learn the basics of process documentation, some best practices for creating workflows, and how Flowster can help you document a process in just a few clicks.IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL LEARN:What is process documentation?The art and science of outsourcing tasks to a foreign VAThe benefits of documenting processesHow to document a process from scratchThe beauty of checklistsDifference between project management and processes managementHow to turn a Flowster checklist into a lead magnet Process documentation best practicesLINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Flowster.appTrend's LinkedInOUR PARTNERS:7 Levels of Scale WorkbookFind out your Leadership Trust Score at Ready to Lead.Listen to the #1 Digital Marketing Podcast, Perpetual Traffic Thanks so much for joining us this week. Want to subscribe to The DigitalMarketer Podcast? Have some feedback you'd like to share? Connect with us on Apple Podcasts and leave us a review!This Month's Sponsors:Conversion Fanatics - Conversion Rate Optimization AgencyGet 50% Off Monthly Blog Writing Service - BKA Content More Resources from Scalable[Free Guide & Assessment] 7 Levels of ScaleFREE EPIC Challenge More Shows You'll LovePerpetual Traffic - The #1 podcast for learning paid traffic and improving your conversions!Business Lunch - Sit down every week some of the most successful people in the world. Hosted by Roland Frasier and Ryan Deiss Mentioned in this episode:[Free Download] DigitalMarketer's Canva Holiday Promo PackGrab These 195 Ready-To-Use Canva Templates For 5 Upcoming Holiday Promotions!Holiday Promo Pack

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