The Potential Of Typeform: Transforming Your Business Through Onboarding and Lead Generation with Karrie Sanderson

Do you create forms, surveys, and quizzes? Want to know how you can get more thoughtful responses and higher completion rates?On today's episode, host Mark de Grasse talks to Karrie Sanderson, the Chief Marketing Officer at Typeform — a no-code SaaS platform that helps companies turn digital interactions into human connections through forms, quizzes, surveys, and asynchronous video solutions. If you use forms in any marketing functions, the last thing you'd want is to make them boring. Why? Because your audience won't answer them. You want to create interactive forms that allow you to engage with your audience and grow your business with ease.Listen in for some intriguing nuggets on how marketers can use digital forms for lead conversions, getting customer feedback, and building long-term customer relationships.IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL LEARN:Typeform's origin story and what makes them differentHow to get more thoughtful responses from your formsA user-friendly way of building formsBest use cases of forms from a customer's perspectiveRecommended number of questions in a form/questionnaire How to integrate videos and images into your formsBest ways to get customer feedback using online formsWays to make surveys feel less like interrogations and more like conversationsLINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Typeform.comKarrie's LinkedInOUR PARTNERS:7 Levels of Scale WorkbookFind out your Leadership Trust Score at Ready to Lead.Listen to the #1 Digital Marketing Podcast, Perpetual Traffic Thanks so much for joining us this week. Want to subscribe to The DigitalMarketer Podcast? Have some feedback you'd like to share? Connect with us on Apple Podcasts and leave us a review!This Month's Sponsors:Conversion Fanatics - Conversion Rate Optimization AgencyGet 50% Off Monthly Blog Writing Service - BKA Content More Resources from Scalable[Free Guide & Assessment] 7 Levels of ScaleFREE EPIC Challenge More Shows You'll LovePerpetual Traffic - The #1 podcast for learning paid traffic and improving your conversions!Business Lunch - Sit down every week some of the most successful people in the world. Hosted by Roland Frasier and Ryan Deiss Mentioned in this episode:Become A Certified E-Commerce Marketing MasterTake the Industry's...

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